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Hey !!! I'm just a girl with a lot of dreams who likes Pretty Little Liars , Castle, Orphan Black and OUAT but also loves music, sports and cool people . Hope you like it !!
About Me
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So cute

Cutieees !!!

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Carrie Ann: You turned that *bleep* out girl. That was INSANE. - 10

Kevin: I bow down to that performance. You’re AMAZING. The both of you. - 10

Julianne: Wait WHAT??!. I felt like I was watching a full on Broadway Show. You are INCREDIBLE. - 10

Bruno: My Darling this is your star making turn. Miss America BRAVO BRAVO. -10

Team Janelskyi

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PLL Christmas episode preview: [x] code: ICEMAZE


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Little liars

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I shouldn’t have hit Hardman.

Donna !!!!

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Happy twenty-eighth birthday, Ian Michael Harding. Thank you for sharing your talent and love with us all. We cannot wait to see what else you accomplish. 

Happy B day IAN

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Look what I gain !!!! Now ed will mark every single page of my every single book.

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Lucian feels

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